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Abdul Wasim

VP Talent Acquisition, C.D.R., C.T.R.

Abdul Wasim is a Talent Acquisition Manager who intimately understands the hiring issues that industries are facing. As Vice President of Talent Acquisition at GreySource, Abdul uses his 11+ years of experience to effectively identify talented candidates and connect them with the right companies. 

As a Certified Diversity Recruiter (C.D.R.) and Certified Technical Recruiter (C.T.R.), Abdul’s commitment to obtaining the knowledge necessary to help your diversity and hiring efforts to succeed is clear.

Abdul Wasim

VP Talent Acquisition, C.D.R., C.T.R.

Connecting Employers With Experienced Professionals

Whether a company is seeking on-site talent or remote workers, Abdul applies his expertise to help organizations save time and make better hires. He thoroughly screens candidates with a step-by-step approach and accounts for their personality traits, motivations, career and life experience, as well as future aspirations. 

His comprehensive vetting process translates into a winning match for hiring managers looking to create strong multi-generational teams. By assisting organizations in overcoming hiring biases or practices that hold them back from fulfilling their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, Abdul facilitates a win-win score for both client and candidate. 

Abdul’s success lies in his foundational principle of cultivating high-functioning relationships. His systematic approach is grounded in his core values of respect, communication and trust. Candidates and companies continue to team up with Abdul due to his investment in their satisfaction and commitment to equity in recruitment. 

Get to Know Abdul

Abdul was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mysore University before finding his passion for recruitment.

He worked as a partnership builder in his previous companies, strengthening internal and external alliances to expand recruiting resources for clients’ hard-to-fill technical roles. It was in one of these partnerships that Abdul initially came to know his GreySource CEO & president Kim Anderson, and came to work with her for a Minnesota-based technical placement firm. 

Throughout his career, Abdul has been a stand-out top performer, leader and non-stop advocate for recruiting practices that were both client-centric and candidate-empowering. His drive for excellence and full inclusion in the technical hiring arena inspired him to gain credentials as both a C.D.R. and C.T.R. Additionally, Abdul keeps those skills honed as a member of the National Diversity Council and the Minnesota Talent and Recruiting Network (MNTRN). 

When it comes to particular passions, Abdul is all about mutually successful placements.  He thrives on saving his clients valuable time by sending them well-qualified candidates that harmonize with the organization’s mission and culture. And as a key player in GreySource’s multi-generational team and mission himself, Abdul knows the importance of your DEI goals. 

In his spare time, Abdul loves to play snooker, watch The Office, and spend time with his beautiful wife, Afreen, and their two daughters. 

Does Your Team Need a New Hire? Connect with Abdul Today

Are you ready to start the hiring process? Abdul is here to help. He’ll get to know your current needs, company culture and hiring challenges. Get your questions answered and learn about practical solutions to meet your hiring and diversity goals.  

Call GreySource today at (952) 222-4150 or send him a message to get started.