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To embrace diversity and equity at all levels of recruiting while producing employment matchmaking strategies that honor and promote multi-generational talent.


To help build a world where our workforce mirrors our population and honors candidates of all experience levels.


Recognize, Relate, Respect

  • To recognize that every level of experience is an asset and therefore provides an opportunity to be matched with a potential employer or role, creating mutual benefit for both candidate and hiring manager.
  • To treat every professional that we encounter, whether employer or candidate, with the utmost respect so as to honor a candidate’s life of experience as well as meet the hiring manager’s stated need.

Embody, Emulate, Exemplify

  • To keep diversity, equity, inclusion, integrity, and excellence at the heart of every encounter that we have and everything that we do.

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Contact Our Uniquely Focused DEI-Certified Recruiting Team.

GreySource, a dedicated DEI recruiting firm, offers services to job seekers and hiring managers throughout Minnesota, Texas, and the US who share our diversity-driven objective of eliminating age bias and other forms of bias in the hiring process.
To learn more about the foundations upon which we work and how we can bring our strengths to work for you, please contact us online.