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About Our DEI-Focused Recruiting Agency

Differences such as age, race and gender result in diversity of thought. And in the workforce, this diversity is priceless. To achieve it, we must see the true value of all professionals.

At GreySource, it’s our mission to embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at all levels of recruiting while producing employment matchmaking strategies that honor and promote multi-generational talent. 

Changing the Recruitment Industry for the Better

We believe that the future of our workforce requires a different approach to recruiting. It requires changing the narrative and working to eliminate age bias. To do so, we must empower and champion professionals from all backgrounds, regardless of age or other differences.

Our team doesn’t just talk about DEI. As a 55+, woman-owned business, we walk the walk to fulfill our mission:

To build a world where our workforce mirrors our population and honors candidates of all experience levels.

Intentionally Creating Space for Seasoned Professionals

The culture of work is changing rapidly. A worldwide pandemic inspired the need for more flexible work arrangements. And the boomer generation is no longer following traditional retirement timelines.

These facts open the door of opportunity for employers. More experienced and highly trained professionals are now ready and willing to fill open, and sometimes more flexible positions. However, age bias is real and often results in these professionals being overlooked.

Enter GreySource. Our agency was born out of the desire to create a new market for already-trained professionals who have a great deal to offer our evolving workforce. Our multi-generational team is working to intentionally create space for these professionals, helping them to thrive in their next act.

When companies hire GreySource candidates, they get a highly qualified candidate who brings real-world problem solving on a cost-effective basis. Everybody wins.

GreySource, an age-inclusion focused DEI recruiting firm, offers services to all job seekers and hiring managers throughout the US who share our objective of eliminating age bias, along with all other forms of biases, in the hiring process.

Meet Our Certified DEI Recruiting Professionals

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson is a Certified Diversity Executive and our CEO & President, as well as an experienced recruiter with over 30 years in tech-related hiring capacities. As a woman over 55, she has both witnessed and experienced the bias that often overshadows 55+ job seekers. She founded GreySource to do her part in eliminating this bias and to provide continued support for all job seekers and the companies that are champions of fully inclusive hiring practices.

Abdul Wasim

Abdul Wasim, GreySource’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition, holds both Certified Diversity Recruiter and Certified Technical Recruiter credentials and has been working with Kim in the technical recruitment arena for over 10 years. Leveraging his professional experience dually from the hiring and the recruiting perspective, Abdul is passionate about promoting multi-generational DEI-focused hiring efforts and bringing professional talent and hiring managers together in mutually winning ways.

Reach Out to Our DEI Recruiting Team Today

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for employment or a hiring manager who needs help reaching your inclusion-driven objectives, we know how to support you. To learn more about GreySource or to speak with one of our DEI-focused recruiting professionals today, give us a call at (952) 222-4150 or contact us online.