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Kimberly Anderson

CEO & President

“I partner with DEIB-focused employers and candidates who seek
to make the growing population of grey sources the rising tide of grey forces”
Kim Anderson, CEO & President of GreySource

Kimberly (Kim) Anderson is a seasoned recruiter with more than 40 years of experience in hiring and mentoring others and 20-plus years of experience in technical recruiting. Her work history spans a wide array of industries and Kim possesses the rare combination of both for-profit and non-profit executive leadership roles.  This unique background allows her to understand the needs of hiring managers and candidates in a broad spectrum of employment situations as well as company cultures ranging from smaller organizations to Fortune 100 corporations.

Kim Anderson

CEO & President

Emphasizing Age Diversity in Hiring

During her years in recruiting, Kim has witnessed firsthand how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are more often talk than walk, especially when it comes to ageism. As a “grey source” herself, she knew it was time to bring something new to the industry to address this.

As a Certified Diversity Recruiter (C.D.R.), Kim founded GreySource to provide employment matchmaking strategies that intentionally honor and promote multigenerational talent. 

Kim aims to flip the script on current attitudes and approaches regarding professionals 55 years of age and better. Instead of age being the elephant in the room, Kim is here to ensure age becomes an active part of all DEIB recruiting efforts and is highlighted for the asset that it is.

Partnering With Hiring Managers to Achieve DEI-Focused Efforts

Your company sees the true value in the diversity of thought, conversation, innovation, and more that comes with an inclusive workforce. You have initiatives to accomplish in DEIB. And you know that achieving full inclusion requires intention and dedication.

Kim and her company, GreySource, work with you so you can remain mindful of all elements of fully inclusive hiring practices, especially those regarding age, during the recruiting process and beyond. A consummate problem-solver and strategic advisor, she will help identify ways to eliminate biases, unconscious and otherwise, from your candidate vetting processes to assist you in creating truly powerful multigenerational teams.

Validating & Championing Job Seekers’ Experiences

Job seekers from all walks of life and all experience levels deserve to be honored and acknowledged for what they uniquely bring to the table. It’s the individual combination of work and life experiences that truly allows each candidate to shine in their own light.

A true champion for her candidates, Kim advocates for you in a way that shows hiring managers how you meet their needs first and foremost—age notwithstanding. Whether you’re looking for your first career or your second-act career, full-time or more flex, Kim is your go-to resource for finding employment matches that fit your needs.

Bringing Extensive Work & Life Experience to the Table

Kim’s success in recruiting stems from her work experiences in organizational development, executive management, and consulting for nonprofit organizations and corporations. She’s held titles like Director of Recruiting, Executive Director, National President, Strategic Accounts Manager, and General Manager.

Whether managing recruiting or sales teams, launching new business divisions, or developing and executing strategic actions plans, Kim is known as a change-maker.

Additionally, she continues to learn  and grow professionally through her memberships with the Texas Diversity Council, the American Management Association, and the Minnesota Talent & Recruiting Network.

Kim’s successes and strengths are only made greater due to her life experiences that round out who she is as a person. She has a servant’s heart and has traveled abroad extensively bringing her professional knowledge and skills to global volunteer missions and NGO work. She’s adventurous, evidenced by her living aboard a sailing expedition in the South Pacific for six months. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Couple her lived experiences with her education at Purdue University, St. Catherine’s University, and the University of St. Thomas, and you’ll find Kim is unstoppable when her heart and mind are set on a particular goal. When it comes to drive, determination, and heart, you’ll find no better advocate by your side than Kim Anderson.

Work With Kim on Your Next Search

Building inclusive, multigenerational teams is a win-win for everyone involved. Let Kim show you how you can win in your next job or candidate search. Contact her online today to get started.